Deeply personalise ​customer ​experiences and ​maximise lifetime ​value

What We Do:

Insider is a blockchain-powered loyalty ​platform and consultancy helping brands ​engage their customers through new ​technologies, including AI and blockchain, ​and responsible innovation.

We offer powerful tools and content to ​bridge the gap between brands and the ​digital future.

Our Why:

After a career in marketing, our founder Ashi Bhat noticed her ​clients often struggled to keep up with the rapid advancements ​in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and ​blockchain, making it difficult for them to effectively harness ​these in their business.

Insider was born to offer powerful no-code tools to easily design ​and launch blockchain-powered loyalty memberships for your ​brand. These membership passes unlock monetary incentives ​for your customers and strengthens their loyalty.

At Insider, we’re pioneering the future of loyalty experiences.

Our aim is to build personalised and engaging loyalty ​experiences that better protect consumer data.

Launch a blockchain-powered membership in 3 steps

strategise. design. launch.

1. Strategise

The Insider team works with your brand to onboard the team ​onto our platform and co-create a personalised brand ​membership strategy.

2. Design

Design your digital passes using our questionnaire tool in ​minutes. You can highlight specific products and services that ​are unique to your brand.

3. Launch

Insider provides you with a platform for customers to purchase ​your digital passes. Simply share the link. Leverage the digital ​passes to personalise experiences and activate customer ​communities.

See Insider in action

Highlight specific services or products that are unique to your business here. It can be your flagship product, or a ​service that you've pioneered. Give it room to shine here.

We keep the customers in mind

New Customers

Leveraging cutting-edge ​technology means you will appeal ​to emerging spenders like ​Millennials and Gen Z.

Grow Revenue

Customers are rewarded the longer ​they hold their passes and how ​involved they are with your brand. If ​they decide to sell the digital pass, ​you can earn secondary royalties ​on each pass that is re-sold.

Richer data ​insights

Digital passes let you easily find ​super-fans and reward them for ​their engagement - which is all built ​into the platform!

Who We Are:

Ashi Bhat is an Entrepreneur, Futurist and TEDx Speaker. She is ​a leading voice in AI and Web3 for consumer impact.

Ashi has advised global and ASX200 brands following positions ​at Deloitte and KPMG. With her background in marketing, Ashi ​recognised that technologies such as AI and blockchain could ​offer brands innovative solutions to business challenges such as ​rising customer costs and evolving data regulations. She co-​founded Insider, a blockchain-powered loyalty platform and ​consultancy which is supporting brand leaders in better ​engaging their customers through emerging technologies.

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